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Why we Love Juna


The makers of  Juna CBD bring you the entire spectrum of hemp phyto-actives in a line of products that will jazz up your daily routine. Whether you’re looking to find CBD for energy, CBD for focus or CBD skincare, Juna offers a variety of topical and ingestible products. 

These third party-tested, consciously-sourced CBD tinctures can be taken alone or added to your beverage of choice to create your own CBD drinks. The full spectrum hemp blends provide compounds including cannabinoids, antioxidants, and terpenes that work synergistically to balance your endocannabinoid system and enhance daily life!

Shop by mood. Looking to start your day calm, clear, and connected? Try Juna Balance Drops in your morning coffee or under your tongue for a midday pick me up. For an extra-strength added boost of the same trusted formula, try Juna Balance X Drops.

To relax, release, and restore - try CBD for stress products such as Juna Ease Drops. This is your bottle of chill on demand. The blend of CBG:CBD compounds and other botanicals helps you switch gears after a long day and promotes stress relief. Pair with the topical CBD body oil by Juna for a full-body renewing aromatherapy experience.

For a dose of silence, softness, and serenity, products with CBD for sleep such as Juna Nightcap Sleep Drops are your companion. Combined with Juna’s full spectrum hemp extract, chamomile and passionflower help you make the most of your much-needed regenerative sleep. CBN, a cannabinoid with sedative properties, lets you sleep through the night and wake up your most rested self.

The Juna AM/PM Gift Set, with Balance Drops and Nightcap Sleep Drops, makes sure that whatever mood strikes at any time of day, you’re good to go. This best-selling CBD oil duo is perfect for yourself or a friend looking to explore both sides of hemp’s benefits.

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