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Why We Love Plan People


Whether you’re a long-time CBD fan or are new to the scene, you’re in the right place. Plant People CBD has thoughtfully crafted a line of safe CBD products designed to uplift, enhance, and soothe the soul.

Each research-backed product contains a blend of CBD, herbs, and botanicals that work together with your body’s natural chemistry to support your best self. Here at Arrive, we carry a variety of top-rated brands on our CBD marketplace. Explore more products from Dogwood Botanicals CBD, Juna CBD, Luna Volta CBD, Nu Bloom Botanicals CBD, Rhythm CBD, Sagely Naturals CBD, The Good Patch CBD, and Vybes CBD.

Enhance your daily routines with CBD skincare. Start your morning with Plant People Nourish Body Lotion and Revive Face Serum for a glowing look from head to toe. Their Stay Sharp CBD Capsules help set the tone for the day with a blend of herbs that can help you stay engaged and focused.

Anytime, anywhere - Plant People’s Drops + Mind + Body has you covered with a number of products that include CBD for stress and CBD for focus. This tincture can be used daily and includes full-spectrum CBD to promote total-body balance, from a clearer head to relief from aches and pains.

Need some help unwinding? Try one of their calming CBD tincturesPlant People Drops for Relief tincture, which promotes overall balance, stress relief, and anti-inflammation without next-day drowsiness. For topical relief after a long day, use Plant People CBD Balm for Relief or Relief + Cooling Body Cream with added menthol to soothe aches. Be Calm Capsules are an option for those who want daily stress relief, as they provide an added blend of herbs to help curb your body’s stress response.

For those in search of overnight rejuvenation, Plant People Drops for Sleep is an excellent CBD for sleep. Lay back and relax with the revitalizing Restore CBD facemask before bed, use the tincture and let the CBD oil do the work.

Not sure where to start, or shopping for someone else? The CBD drops Starter Set comes with Plant People’s best selling drops - Mind and Body, Sleep, and Relief - so you can try them out and find a favorite (or three!) 

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