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Why We Love CBD for Sleep 


There’s nothing more refreshing than a full night of uninterrupted rest. But sometimes our busy schedules and daily stresses can keep us from getting enough sleep. Well fellow insomniacs, say hello to your new best friend: CBD

If you need a little extra help drifting off into sweet dreams, there are a number of wellness products with CBD for sleep. Arrive Market carries several different types of premium CBD oil to add to your favorite night-time tea, or CBD body oil that soothes the skin and relaxes your mind. 

Explore our vast collection of top-rated CBD brands, including Juna CBD, Sagely Naturals CBD, Plant People CBD, Nu Bloom Botanicals CBD, Rhythm CBD and more. We’re confident you’ll discover how to use CBD to help you get a better night’s sleep. 

Popular items on Arrive Market include Juna Nightcap Sleep Drops, which offer a soft, serene and calming experience. Other products from Juna we love include Juna Balance Drops, Juna Ease Drops and Juna Ease Functional Body Oil.

You might also find relief with Nu Bloom Botanicals’ roll-on CBD body oils and CBD oral sprays. From The Good Patch CBD, find your relaxation with their CBD Nite Nite Patch or The Weekender Patch

Another great way to wind down after a long day and get ready for bed is taking a warm bath with one of several decadent CBD bath bombs from Luna Volta CBD. Find the CBD bath bomb that suits you. They come in a variety of heavenly scents that are sure to ease your stress and help you catch some deep Z’s. 

Still asking yourself what is CBD? Learn more on Arrive Market. We carry a wide selection of high quality, safe CBD products, including CBD tinctures, CBD drinks, CBD capsules, CBD skincare, CBD for stress, CBD for energy and CBD for focus. Arrive is a CBD marketplace you can trust!